About Me

Josef Stuart Photography is built on commitment to customer satisfaction and excellent images that are both beautiful and unique.

I started shooting about 10 years ago and while I've taken breaks during that time, I've never stopped enjoying the technology or the people. It began with the birth of my daughter, then moved into the automotive realm and recently into watches and fine jewellery.

While I only shoot part time due to my day job, I am always committed to my clients and treat their time as I treat mine. The value in choosing me to create your unique image is that as a consultant and photographer, I fully grasp what a professional shooter needs to accomplish to make a project successful.

My Philosophy

Commitment to excellence, complete customer satisfaction and my guarantee that you'll be 100% satisfied with the images I present to you at the end of our work together.

My Equipment

The best equipment for the job

I've shot with Canon, Nikon and Pentax and all have their postives and negatives.

My current setup is a Pentax K-1 35MP body with a number of different lenses and a Nikon D7100 for backup and some sporting events.